Hydrophobic Polyurethane Grout

BeiJing Langwei exports the polyurethane grout products.Hydrophobic polyurethane grout is a single component hydrophobic polyurethane infection resin, which after reaction with water, can expand rapidly to form permanent seals. Effectively seals cracks and prevent leaks in subway, tunnel, basement, underground garage, underground channel, diaphragm wall, culvert, dam, etc.

Rapid Reaction

Short waiting time during the works.Rapid reaction with water and can complete foaming process.

Excellent Adhesion

The low viscosity makes better penetration. It can retain its properties when mixed with weak base or weak acid, even with seawater. Permanent repair and lint-term flexibility.

High Expansion

Hydrophobic polyurethane grout has high expansion rate, owned supreme bonding structural strength. Let you save more material.


Obviously reactive with water

High elasticity and higher strength

High waterproof efficiency