Injection Hose

Injection hose is a preventative chemical grout injection system for the permanent sealing of cold and construction joints in concrete and voids between slurry walls and slabs. The tubing is designed to keep the concrete out of the grout delivery system during the pour of a new wall, but allow the chemical grout to be injected at any time after the pour cures and settles. When the low viscosity chemical grout is injected through the hose system under low pressure, the fibers of the outer membrane of the hose act like a valve to allow the injection grout to penetrate voids or cracks formed in the joint. The grout then expands creating a watertight flexible compression seal with mechanical locks and adhesive bonds that will withstand wet/dry cycles.


Create a watertight seal in cold and construction joints, in joints between slurry walls and slabs, or in any situation requiring a preinstalled injection system using the injection hose with grout at any point after the concrete cures. This system may be added in addition to other water stop measures as a compliment or backup, or as the primary prevention method.

The engineer or applicator should be consulted to determine the number of kits and specific parts necessary for each job. Quantities will depend upon the length of the various runs and number of planned injection points.