Pre-installed Injection Hose System For The Waterproofing Of Construction And Cold Joints


The product is an injection hose system that allows injection of cold and construction joints via a pre-installed injection canal. It is placed in the joint during construction. It acts as a canal for the injection resin which will, when in contact with water, expand and seal the joint permanently.


Easy to install.

No special tools required.

Complete system, delivered with all necessary accessories.

The hose can be adjusted to the correct length on site.

Due to the metal spiral core the hose keeps its inner diameter when bended.

Low pressure injection possible.

Can be injected preventatively or when leakages actually occur.

After injection the joint is permanently sealed.

Injection is done continuously over the porous surface of the hose,not via points or slits resulting in a more even distribution of the resin in the joint.

No leak, no injection necessary.

There is no interruption of the construction activities when pre-installed injection hose system is installed.

Can be combined with other preventative waterproofing systems like swelling bars and PVC water stops.

Field Of Application

is installed in construction joints in concrete, pipe penetrations and voids between secant piles walls and slabs

Joints between old cured concrete and fresh concrete to be poured.