Microfine Cement

Microfine cement is a blast furnace slag-based ultrafine cement intended for specialty grouting applications. With a maximum particle size of ten microns and a median particle size of three microns, Microfine cement is able to penetrate very small openings such as soil pores and microscopic rock fissures, in order to improve strength and reduce permeability.


Excellent permeation with high in-place strength and durability

Ability to adjust super plasticizer type and dosage to achieve specified results

Proven, highly predictable design with a long record of successful projects

Adjustable water/cement ratio allows grout to be formulated to meet specific project requirements

Brine tolerant and resistant to chemical attacks


Consolidation of poor soils

Foundation stabilization

Maintenance grouting of dams and tunnels

Foundation and consolidation grouting of dams and embankments

Water cut-off grouting

Pre-excavation grouting in tunnel construction