Why Choose An EPDM Pond Liner For Your Pond?

EPDM pond liner is the ideal solution for water retention and widely used to line lakes, garden ponds and man-made streams. EPDM is a synthetic rubber with properties which has become a leading product for lining garden ponds. EPDM pond liner has many superior technical features such as resistance against root penetration, unaffected by UV radiation, durability, withstands adverse temperature range of -40ºC to +150ºC and has a proven long service history.

When you type “EPDM” into the search engines you may also see a choice of roofing specialist websites. This is because the synthetic rubber membrane is a very popular choice in the roofing industry but it is not to be confused with EPDM pond liners. The rubber membrane used to line ponds, lakes, streams, water storage tanks and reservoirs is fish-friendly and is also used to line potable water tanks.