Industrial Glue Gun Filling The Main Technical Features

Industrial Glue Gun Filling the main technical features
1: Control the filling volume with angle control technology. This method increases the angle control technique at downtime on the basis of the number of pulses controlled by the number of pulses to ensure that the Glue Gun rollers are in the same position at each stop, thus eliminating the effect of the Glue Gun pulsation on the filling , The filling of the small flow of a very significant improvement.
2: with the time timer to control the filling volume, this method is most easy to achieve, but the error is also large. The main reason is the effect of temperature, the impact of the program structure. SCM is dependent on the crystal frequency of the output work, and the temperature on the crystal frequency is affected, a good crystal can minimize the impact, but can not be eliminated, this effect directly determines the single-chip timer time base size, thus affecting The length of time set, resulting in inconsistencies in the time each Glue Gun work, resulting in an error. In addition, the use of procedures to accurately generate the time value is not desirable, work, the impact of a variety of interrupt operation will lead to time error, and this error can not be measured, can not compensate.
3: Use the number of pulses to control the filling volume. This method ensures that the total number of angles at which the Glue Gun is assigned is the same, and the filling accuracy is much higher than the time control method. However, since the Glue Gun has a pulsating phenomenon when the liquid is transported, the instantaneous flow rate at the time of downtime is fluctuating at the peak or trough of the pulsation or in the middle of a flow rate, which is the position of the wheel After the allocation of the location is inconsistent. This will cause the allocation error due to the difference in the position of each wheel. The effect of this distribution error on the larger amount of the distribution fluid is relatively small, mainly due to the relatively small amount of liquid distribution will have a great impact.
The above three filling techniques are open-loop control, Glue Gun hose flow attenuation factor is not considered. Actual work time, should be regularly corrected to achieve a higher filling accuracy.
In addition Glue Gun filling can be installed by measuring some of the height of the non-contact sensor (infrared, capacitance sensors, etc.) composed of closed-loop filling system, you can eliminate the impact of hose attenuation, to ensure that the entire life cycle of the hose The consistency of the filling volume.
Glue Gun hose is one of Glue Gun's main accessories, mainly used to transport liquid, gas, and gas and solid mixture. Glue Gun hose has a certain flexibility, wear resistance, stress performance, temperature resistance, easy aging, corrosion resistance and so on. Here we talk about the Glue Gun hose to adapt to the temperature.
The working temperature range of the Glue Gun hose is one of the important properties considered by the Glue Gun hose. Glue Gun hose materials are silicone rubber, rubber rubber, Teflon, rubber, plastic, synthetic materials, different materials have different performance, have different uses. Different materials have different temperature ranges. Glue Gun hose selection Silicone rubber as a material, silicone rubber with a wide range of temperature tolerance, high temperature, low temperature process evenly suitable; and for Teflon Glue Gun hose, it can only be applied to a smaller temperature range. When selecting a Glue Gun hose, the user should first clarify that the Glue Gun, the Glue Gun, works in the system at high temperatures and minimum temperatures, and then ensures that the selected Glue Gun hose is within safe operating range. In applications where temperature is required to be increased, the user should consider the effect of temperature on the chemical resistance and pressure capacity of the Glue Gun hose. As the temperature continues to increase, the pressure on the Glue Gun hose will gradually decrease.