Injection Pump Are Increasingly Recognized By More Grouting Users In Engineering Grouting

Injection Pump are increasingly recognized by more grouting users in engineering grouting
    If the use of mining high pressure pump, showing the situation of fracturing, severe time will damage the machine. This phenomenon of professional technical staff that this is mine pressure injection pump pressure control is not good, if this function is not in place, it can not stop the slurry in the activities of the gap between the cracks and cracks, once a day, will naturally be damaged machine. Deal with this question is not difficult, has been purchased mine high pressure Injection Pump users can come back from scratch manufacturers, so that technical staff adjust a pressure. If you have not yet purchased a decent mine high pressure Injection Pump, you can pick a strong pressure of the machine, and the machine can be self-grasping, and will not appear in the work of damage to the machine may block the situation.
    Injection Pump is more and more recognized by grouting users in engineering grouting. Now, Injection Pumps are widely used in high-rise building gray mortar conveying reservoirs, ports, wharf and other pressure grouting, foundation treatment, soft foundation reinforcement Pulp, however, there is a novice to buy back to the pump when there is no practical experience, their blindly groping, do not know how to operate the Injection Pump, to this end, the company's technical department to the majority of new customers to purchase pump the following recommendations , Hope to be able to help everyone.
How to operate a Injection Pump? Technician believes that in the absence of little experience of the user, it is best to go through the professional skills of training, do not arbitrarily operate the pump to cause serious consequences. Even a professional operator, in the operation of the injection pump, but also a detailed reading of the manual, a serious study, how to operate more accurate. On the contrary, if not a professional operator, no he can have professional skills training, so that you can read the instructions in detail, do not miss every detail, encounter problems to find relevant personnel to solve. Therefore, do not think that what will be their own, and to operate some strange pump, and finally cause serious accidents.
    How to properly use the Injection Pump engine, it is important to inject the pump engine is a power function of the device, the equipment is small, but can not pay attention. Proper use of the engine is the key. Before running, should make the bearing and other lubrication parts to be lubricated. Start after the water temperature should reach 40 ℃ -50 ℃ and then put into operation. It is forbidden to overload or low speed for a long time. Before unloading, the load should be unloaded to reduce the speed. Winter should be stopped after the water temperature dropped to 40 ℃ -50 ℃, put the net cooling water has been injected with antifreeze in addition to the engine. Usually have to do a good job of the engine maintenance work, so that the machine has always maintained a good state of operation. To observe, check, find fault, timely exclusion. Use the right to extend the service life of the equipment.
I believe that many of our users in the choice of Injection Pump when they will be a comprehensive consideration and careful choice, because it can directly affect our future use and work efficiency. Perhaps familiar with the products of the users are aware, we must choose the regular manufacturers and brand products, so that we can make better use of Injection Pump.
    Need to understand is the use of syringe characteristics, such as: its stable and reliable performance, pressure and flow adjustment is convenient, long life, injection pump with small energy consumption, small vibration, low noise, small size, high efficiency. Of course, it is precisely because these determine its excellent performance.
    First of all, the injection pump should have a larger range of regulation of the amount of slurry, the general volume of grouting and the amount of injection of about 8 to 10 times the change. Grouting at the end of the small, proved to fill the compaction of the good. Secondly, it should have a reliable pressure control capability, it is best to have a change with the grouting pressure and automatically adjust the amount of slurry performance. Finally, the injection pump should be easy to operate and easy to use, safe and reliable. Because the slurry used in the Injection Pump is easy to precipitate and solidify, the Injection Pump must ensure that no pause is stopped during each grouting (precautionary maintenance before grouting). We hope that we can provide useful information for all pump users through the above description. If you have this need, please feel free to contact us. We believe that our products are absolutely high quality and can meet your needs. The most important Is to bring you very good!