Injection Pump Is More And More Recognized By Grouting Users In Engineering Grouting

Injection Pump is more and more recognized by grouting users in engineering grouting
    If the use of mining high pressure Injection Pump, showing the situation of fracturing, severe time will damage the machine. This phenomenon of professional technical staff that this is mine pressure Injection Pump pressure control is not good, if this function is not in place, it can not hinder the slurry in the gap between the activities of the gap and the gap between the time, will naturally be damaged machine. Deal with this question is not difficult, has been purchased mining high pressure Injection Pump users can come back from the manufacturers, so that technical staff transferred a pressure. If you have not yet purchased a decent mine high pressure Injection Pump, you can pick a more stressful machine, and the machine can be self-grasping, and will not be damaged in the work of the machine may block the situation.
    Injection Pump is widely used in engineering grouting by more grouting users. Now, Injection Pump is widely used in high-rise building gray mortar transport reservoirs, ports, terminals and other pressure grouting, foundation treatment, soft foundation reinforcement Note However, there is a novice to buy back to the Injection Pump because there is no practical experience, their blindly groping, do not know how to operate Injection Pump, to this end, the company's technical department to the majority of new purchase Pump customers to make the following recommendations , Hope to be able to help everyone.
How to operate Injection Pump? The technical staff believes that in the absence of little experience of the user, it is best to go through the professional skills of training, do not arbitrarily operate the pump to cause serious consequences. Even a professional operator, in the operation of Injection Pump, but also a detailed reading of the manual, serious study, study how to operate more accurate. On the contrary, if not a professional operator, no he can have professional skills training, so you can read the instructions in detail, do not miss every detail, encounter problems to find relevant personnel to solve. Therefore, do not think that something will be their own, and to operate some strange pump, and finally cause serious accidents.
    How to properly use the Injection Pump engine, it is essential that the Injection Pump engine is a power function of the device, the equipment is small, but can not pay attention. Proper use of the engine is the key. Before running, should make the bearing and other lubrication parts to be lubricated. After the start of the water temperature should reach 40 ℃ -50 ℃ and then put into operation. It is forbidden to overload or low speed for a long time. Before unloading, you should first remove the load to reduce the speed. After the winter parking should be dropped to 40 ℃ -50 ℃, the net cooling water has been given anti-antifreeze in addition to the engine. Usually have to do a good job of the engine maintenance work, so that the machine has always maintained a good state of operation. To observe, check, find fault, promptly ruled out. Use the right to extend the service life of the equipment.
 In the selection of professional Injection Pump, we must go through thousands of selection, because this machine is used on the site, if you buy a poor machine will not only affect the progress of the project, the situation will cause serious accidents, personal safety Not a good guarantee. Therefore, in order to the safety of construction workers, buyers buy mineral cement grouting machine must be a thousand choice.
    The first thing to do is to lay the foundation of the foundation, if the most basic projects are Ma Sang Ma Sutu, then the project is doomed to failure, whether it is engaged in construction or bridge pavement should be the most basic grouting task to do better. Consumers at the time of purchase, do not only pay attention to the price, to carefully understand the machine's own performance. The performance of the machine is of good quality and can not be sloppy in the grouting task.
  Injection Pump only when the flow of stability in order to show that it is in good working condition, in order to ensure the quality of its grouting, once the flow is unstable, indicating that you use the Injection Pump has been in a sub-health state, then have to stop checking Need to do what check, I think the main is about a few aspects.
1, check the voltage is stable, if the voltage instability is recommended with the regulator, inverter and other equipment to prevent the motor;
2, check Injection Pump out of the pulp flow path is smooth, whether there is damage, blocking the occurrence of the phenomenon;
3, check the nozzle and outlet connection is consistent, whether there is a lot of leakage phenomenon;
4, check the Injection Pump impeller wear phenomenon, if the wear should be replaced immediately.
Finally, the need to remind you that, Injection Pump work occasionally flow instability is a normal reason, but once there is a big fluctuation you have to shut down to do the check, otherwise it will cause devastating Dam Pump!