Introduction Of Polyurethane Coating And Product Advantages

First, product introduction

  polyurethane waterproof coating is a polymer chemical reaction type waterproof coating. It is composed of polyurethane prepolymer containing isocyanate group (-NCO) (Part A) and polyhydric (-OH) containing curing agent with plasticizer, tackifier, antifungal agent, diluent and other additives Mixture (Part B). The two components are uniformly mixed according to a certain proportion, and after curing, a uniform and flexible whole waterproof plastic film is formed.


Second, product advantages

1, cold construction method, the operation is extremely safe

2, liquid construction, short solidification period, is a combination of two functions of bonding and waterproofing materials, suitable for a large area of various shapes seamless interface construction

3, with excellent ductility, tensile strength, the waterproof grass-roots expansion and deformation of the crack has a joint effect