JS Waterproof Coating Material Introduction

JS waterproof coating refers to the polymer cement waterproof coating, also known as JS composite waterproof coating. Among them, J refers to the polymer, S cement ("JS" is "polymer cement" pinyin prefix). JS waterproof coating is a polyacrylate emulsion, ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion and other polymer emulsion and various additives composed of organic liquid material, and cement, quartz sand, light and heavy calcium carbonate and other inorganic fillers and various additives The composition of the inorganic powder through a reasonable ratio, made of a composite of two components, water-based architectural waterproof coating.

JS waterproof latex is a green material, it does not pollute the environment, stable performance, excellent aging resistance, long waterproof life; safe to use, easy construction, easy operation, direct application in the wet base without clear water; strong adhesion , The bonding strength between the material and the cement base surface can reach above 0.5MPa, and has good bonding performance with most materials; the material has good elasticity and the elongation rate can reach 200%, so the crack resistance, frost resistance and low temperature flexibility are excellent Good workability, no foaming, good film-forming effect and fast curing; Simple construction, brushing, roller coating, spraying and scraping.

JS waterproof latex basic color is white, with obvious heat reflection, more traditional black roof can play a heat insulation effect, modulation into color, decorative and beautifying the roof and exterior wall. The overall seamless coating, to adapt to changes in grass-roots features such as trace. JS waterproof latex with polar molecules of organic molecules, and therefore with many polar materials have good adhesion, such as with polymer modified bitumen membrane, polyethylene polypropylene fiber membrane, EPDM membrane with Good adhesion. In particular, instead of 107 polyvinyl alcohol glue and cement after the bond polyethylene polyethylene fiber membrane, for improving the waterproof layer of impermeability, cracking resistance, flexibility and other comprehensive performance, highlighting its excellent quality.