Kinds Of Glue Gun

Manual glue gun: The operator presses the board by hand to achieve the glue, the glue injection efficiency is low, and it is designed for non-used professionals or families.

Pneumatic glue gun: need to connect the compressed air source, the air to push the bottom of the glue to achieve glue, the general factory production line is equipped with compression

Air source (through the air pipe from the factory air compressor or air compressor). The air pressure of a single pneumatic glue gun is not large, if no compressed air source can be equipped with a small air compressor (commonly known as air pump) to work. At present, high-quality pneumatic glue guns on the market are equipped with silencers, noise is less than 70db, suitable for indoor quiet working conditions, can also adjust the air pressure, and better control the amount of plastic.

Electric glue gun: The electric glue gun is powered by a rechargeable battery. It is equipped with a charger and a rechargeable battery. The high-quality electric glue gun battery on the market can be fully charged in one hour, and can be filled with 30-45 glue after full charge. Complete a lot of rubber work.