LW Green Waterproof Acrylic Material Will Become Mainstream In The Future


          Roofing and building waterproof technology, environmental protection, the south in our country, especially in guangdong and hainan provinces affected by tropical and subtropical climate, throughout the year in a state of high temperature and rainy; In the north and more frozen, cold, sandstorm. This request from manufacturers of environment-friendly acrylic materials and waterproof engineering contractor cannot simply in all parts of the same kind of waterproof materials and the same kind of method is adopted to improve the popularization and application. My company is famous for its energy conservation and environmental protection LW acrylic waterproof material, and waterproof and warranty period has been greatly beyond the traditional waterproofing material trend.

       LW waterproof materials play a polymer of acrylic finishing high tensile strength, elongation, aging performance is strong, green environmental protection advantages, overcome the disadvantages of high polymer waterproof coating construction difficult. Construction is convenient, environmental protection and energy saving, waterproof effect good purpose. Its main material is acrylic, etc., make the waterproof effect.

          LW waterproof coating have strong cold construction, aging resistance, adhesive power better and has the characteristics of reactivity. At present, the products are widely used in construction, waterproof engineering of the project such as pipeline, subway, railway, and the owner, contractor and supervision company get the praise.

           When using LW building waterproof materials, because this kind of waterproof material belongs to the acrylate, so, the material also have the rubber elasticity, extensibility and they are very good, can complete used on buildings, ensure the construction base won't appear the condition of deformation and cracking.

           And use LW coating is itself has compared the excellent stick relay at the base, and this kind of waterproof materials compared with other waterproof products, the cohesive force is compared commonly good, when using, also can ensure the lap joint link more closely, no crack.


           In addition to using the main material, the waterproofing material has reinforced polyester cloth accessories also has more excellent waterproof strength and higher strength. So, must have under the waterproof material is with the double insurance, use rise more convenient and safer.


           The waterproof material also has the certain circumstance of corrosion resistance, such materials can also be acid-proof, alkali resistance, and has the characteristics of resistance to chemical corrosion, in some of the harsh environment, also has the very good anti-aging ability. The product can be directly here after construction and to reduce the waterproof layer on the leveling layer, reduced the construction procedures, reduce the cost.