LW Waterproof: How To Square Roof Waterproof Insulation?


Bungalow waterproofing and thermal insulation roof how do?

Summer many rural consumers in a same problem is bungalow roof waterproof and insulation, because the summer rain accompanied by high temperature, the roof leaks, often is the indoor humidity increases the goods such as furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp will appear going mouldy, so you need to take out the furniture clothing often air is basked in, very trouble, and people who live in damp environment for a long time also uncomfortable.
  Rural buildings, mostly small yard with glazed tiles or flat style, can prevent the water leakage can also dry banker is very practical. But because of the material design and construction and so on various aspects on the waterproof and heat insulation effect is not very good, so you need to use force to make up for, square do waterproofing and thermal insulation roof? Need to pay attention to what? Here are detailed annotations to bungalow roof waterproof and insulation of the possible problems in the process.
1. the method of the single, the effect not beautiful

Do waterproof and insulation are separated in the rural areas, both irrelevant, that is to say, an intelligent method to do waterproof but not heat insulation, and insulation is not waterproof, such as waterproof coiled material and heat insulation with small second floor, eaves tiles are only for waterproof and heat insulation, not unified system do waterproof and heat insulation, and extremely limited by the environment, the effect is not better.

2. the material cheap, life is short

Many rural consumers to processing square roof waterproofing and insulation problems are the same, to buy some cheap coil or eaves tiles, change the roof set, due to the poor quality of material, and will be weathering corrosion, only could reach 1-2 years.

3. not value, don't deal with it

Some people don't pay attention to roof leakage and heat insulation, let it leak sun phenomena are very common along with it, so that the room metope, ceiling and other pieces of the stain, and accompanied by the smell of the mould, the object is like a ruined temple neglected for decades.


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