Manufacturers Explain The Characteristics Of Epoxy Grout

Manufacturers explain the characteristics of Epoxy Grout
Epoxy Grout for its wide variety, widely used, and Epoxy Grout cheap, because it is widely used in all walks of life. What are the characteristics of Epoxy Grout products? To understand the characteristics of Epoxy Grout, we must first of the concept of a resin analysis. The earliest human beings will be extracted from the tree secretions of paper-like material called resin, such as rosin this secretions. And the value according to its performance is divided into two categories, namely, thermoplastic resin and thermosetting resin. Epoxy Grout products in the heat curing can not be reversed, and is neither dissolved nor melting solid material, so it is thermosetting resin.
As an epoxy resin in a thermosetting resin, it can be cured into a polymer-like polymer which is neither dissolved nor melted when it is hot or under the action of an initiator. The polymer Mechanical strength is very low, and therefore can not meet the requirements of most users, this time, we need to use glass fiber to make up for this defect, the glass is what we usually say FRP, FRP mechanical strength and other aspects of performance Compared with other steel body has been greatly improved. The use of Epoxy Grout as a basic material of FRP has such characteristics, lighter than ordinary steel. But the strength is larger, even more than the steel, hard aluminum and fir.
If this FRP is used in aircraft manufacturing, it can save fuel for aircraft, improve the speed of aircraft, increase the payload, thus extending the life time, while using this resin as the basic material of FRP also has good corrosion resistance, Excellent performance, unique thermal performance, excellent process performance, Epoxy Grout affordable and so on a series of advantages, so we can see the Epoxy Grout has a very large development prospects and market development. Of course, need it in the technical aspects of the continuous breakthrough.
At present, the application of Epoxy Grout in the energy saving and lightweight engineering of automobile industry is mainly all kinds of auto parts, including bumper, shroud, baffle and other exterior trim, seat, dashboard, door And other internal decorative parts, as well as cylinder head cover, air filter cover, engine intake pipe and other functions and structural parts; epoxy grouting is also used in the skeleton structure, outer cover and other body materials. At present, China's composite materials in the field of automotive use has been very extensive, with the composite material preparation process, technology to further enhance the Epoxy Grout in the automotive field of industrial applications will be gradually promoted.
In recent years, China's industrialization and urbanization process to accelerate the development and the continuous upgrading of consumer spending makes China's auto industry a good development situation. According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics, in 2015 China's automobile production reached 2,450.33 million, 2010-2015 compound annual growth rate of 6.06%. With the steady development of China's economy and the acceleration of urbanization process, China's automobile production will continue to grow in the long term. The energy saving and lightening of automobile industry will be an effective way to alleviate the contradiction between car ownership and energy and environment The The future, strong shock absorption, low thermal expansion coefficient, high design and high performance automotive composite materials market prospects, and thus makes the mechanical strength, stiffness, heat cycle, corrosion resistance and other aspects of the performance of excellent Epoxy Grout Market demand to further expand.