Microfine Cements

Suspension grouts, prepared conventionally with ordinary Portland cement, can be successfully injected into gravels and coarse sands.

Chemical grouts can permeate fine sands and coarse silts, but they are expensive and pose

environmental and health problems.

As an alternative to chemical grouting of fine and medium grained sands, the use of grouts prepared with microfine cements has been proposed.


Microfine cements are manufactured with dry grinding and microfine cement grouts can also

be produced in-situ with wet milling process.

Microfine cement grouts with high water / cement ratios can be successfully injected in fine sands.

Grouting with microfine cements improves substantially sand permeability and strength.

Microfine cements have been successfully used in various grouting projects.

Research efforts on microfine cement grouting technology are in progres.