Modified Epoxy Resin Grouting

Modified epoxy resin grouting

This product is epoxy resin as raw material through special processing technology modification, supplemented by curing agent and other additives from the preparation of high strength, high toughness and cohesive strength of the grouting adhesive reinforcement material.

Product Features: 

1. High strength, strong bonding, small shrinkage, chemical stability;

2. Low viscosity, good watering ability, strong penetration of small cracks;

3. With reinforcement, reinforcement, plugging and anti-corrosion function; on the fracture of concrete beams, columns with a repair effect, the use of a wide range.

Scope of application:

1. Suitable for tunnel, subway, wharf, and other underground buildings of the reinforcement leak-proof works;

2. For the building of the beam, column, pile of honeycomb, cracks and other defects in the reinforcement, reinforcement;

3. Applicable to the dam, port, swimming pool, water tower, coal mine tunnel, air-raid shelter, aircraft runway and other waterproof reinforcement; 4. For water pipes, chemical pipes and other interfaces sealed anti-corrosion.

Construction points:

1. Grouting preparation: according to the specified proportion of the preparation of grouting, the curing agent into the solvent can be fully stirred even;

2. Where grouting should be dry and clean, with grouting pressure grouting, to be filled after the timely closure of grouting mouth; 3. After about 72 hours of curing can be exposed to the grouting mouth cut, and repair glue or cement Mortar recovery;

4. Construction temperature should be more than 5 degrees, the construction site to maintain ventilation.


1. Construction workers to wear good labor insurance products, with particular attention to the protection of the product, grouting should be closely watched the pressure gauge to prevent the grouting pipe burst;

2. Preparation of the glue should be a one-time run out;

3. After filling the pulp after the timely use of acetone cleaning pressure grouting and other construction tools.

Transport storage:

1. This product is not dangerous goods, can use the general means of transport, to prevent exposure to rain, to prevent the collision, to keep the packaging intact;

2. Products should be stored in a ventilated, cool, dry place, away from fire, 25 ℃ below the storage period of 12 months.

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