Note Some Of The Items That Need Attention When Grout

Note some of the items that need attention when Grout
We all know that pit foundation Grout construction conditions are very complex, and there are many uncertainties, in order to ensure that the Grout can be carried out smoothly, note the Grout when some important aspects need to pay more attention:
1, before filling Grout should pay attention to whether the foundation pit water and the possibility of project implementation and prediction of the problem, as a basis for the development of scientific and rational construction program, in particular the design of the basic construction of the precipitation program to ensure that the excavation of groundwater The change of the bit does not cause the case of the surge tube and the flow sand.
2, note the Grout process should pay attention to the elevation of groundwater, once found underground pressure water, to immediately find out the reasons, the general will first test the pressure head, permeable layer elevation and thickness and check the bottom of the soil ability.
3, pay attention to the construction of similar projects, and summed up the lack of construction process to avoid the same problems in other projects, to absorb the effective construction methods for the next project to prepare.
4, note the Grout process should pay attention to whether the occurrence of geological instability or the formation of piping and flow sand phenomenon, once these phenomena to immediately stop pumping, and with mud or cohesive soil back to the bottom of the base plate height so far.
5, pay attention to whether there are important buildings around, if there is an important building, filling the Grout will be completed after the completion of irrigation, if the above measures did not effectively solve the pit at the end of the pipeline, or the detection of data anomalies, Apply double-row two-way jet Grout pile, forming a small range of water curtains, and then re-fill the pit Grout.
The installation site must have a large number of adequate continuous water supply, which can ensure that mixing and cleaning, easy to pick and place raw materials, equipment, work and filling mud Grout construction site closer to the higher the efficiency of playing pulp. But also need to consider the washing equipment, liquid residue sentinel emissions and treatment.
Prepare the equipment before starting, turn off the mains power, carefully check the mixing system and the Grout system, make sure nothing of anything unrelated and the remaining material, and then install all the joints of the Grout system are firmly installed so that the manual valve, joystick In the "neutral" or "off" state.
Mud Grout pump is to be sent to the material itself lubrication, no liquid must not start, otherwise it will cause damage to system components.
A, water test run
Open the main power and observe the hydraulic system operating pressure, flow is normal, if the pressure does not immediately appear, turn off the power to take appropriate measures to reverse the rotation.
Open the water valve, add water to the stirrer to fill the Grout leaves, open the manual valve, "upper" forward, "median" stop, "lower" reverse test hydraulic motor rotation, manual speed variable speed, Check the mixing system is positive, reverse, stop is normal, open the mixer discharge port will fill the bucket filled with water, close the valve. Try another set of blender with the same process.
Open the manual valve, and then slowly turn the speed control valve (0-10), so that the mud Grout pump has a low pressure start to the fastest speed of the reciprocating variable speed, to discharge the water before filling the pump and hopper, check Grout system All connections are hoses leaked and blocked, mud Grout pumps are running properly, draining mud and Grout pumps and pipes in all water shutoff valves.
After checking the hydraulic system, mixing system, playing pulp system all normal.
B, material operation
The specific operation and water test run the same. In the production, the first water valve in accordance with a certain percentage of a variety of materials have been mixing, to continue to check the hydraulic system, mixing system and playing pulp system work, encounter abnormal problems immediately take measures to prevent the accumulation of material in the mixer.
C, stop running
In the continuous production does not need to stop, but due to various factors need to stop the operation of the Grout process, first stop adding all the raw materials to the mixer barrel, but must be washed with water, the stirrer of the material discharged to the hopper, with Grout pump all Remove the system, carefully clean all the parts of the mixing system, the Grout leaves, the baffles, the drain and the hopper, and rinse the above material into the hopper and close the stirrer. Through the Grout pump out of the rinse of the liquid liquid residue, discharged to the designated location after the treatment, continue to rinse until the water discharge, when the cleaning work to complete the system all the water drained, remove the hose will be lifted slowly Row clean, close mud Grout pump switch and main power supply.