Plugging Leaking Spirit

Plugging leaking spirit is an inorganic powder that solidifies quickly and produces early blocks. Because of its unique micro-expansion property, it has crack resistance and is an ideal fast plugging and sealing material. The use of plugging spirits is as follows:

1. First, sew the leaking point or leaking water into a vertical bell mouth, clean the debris or loose powder, and moisten it with water.

2. Put one kilogram of quick-acting plugging agent into the pot or other mixing container, add 0.3~0.35 kg of water, and quickly stir it into a slurry. When the temperature is lower than 5 ° C, it is preferred to stir with water above 20 ° C.

3. Put the mixed leaking glue on your hand and feel that the glue is slightly hard when it is hot. It will quickly press the water in the direction of the leak. It will last for a certain period of time before it can be loosened. Generally, the water can be blocked within 10 minutes.

4. After blocking the water, use a waterproof mortar to wipe the surface, and the surface can be cured for 7 days.

5. For the seepage pit, the quick plugging agent dry powder can be directly put into the pit, and then the foot is pressed, and the foot can be loosened after being hardened.

6. For serious water leakage joints, use the drainage method, first block the upper seam, then block the lower joint, and finally block the drainage hole.

7. For large-area leakage, find the leaking point, first block it with quick-acting plugging agent, then wipe the surface with waterproof mortar.