Polyethylene Polypropylene Polymer Waterproofing Membrane

The use of polymer cement paste, rainy days (moisture content above 50%) construction. GBS polyethylene polypropylene waterproofing membrane from the primary moisture content less than 9% of the restrictions to ensure the construction progress. Polyethylene polypropylene waterproofing membrane is promoted as a universal waterproof material, roof, balcony, terrace, basement, kitchen, pool and other places can be used, because of its low price, simple process, so flooding in the construction market. However, these products have significant shortcomings in terms of water resistance, durability, adaptability to deformation at the grassroots level, and reliability of construction applications. In particular, there are numerous cases of engineering leakage caused by inferior "non-standard" materials, Become the main reason for the high leakage rate of construction projects in China