Polyurethane Grouting Materials

Polyurethane grouting material is yellow or brown transparent, with excellent hydrophilicity, waterproof plugging chemical slurry.


1. Single-liquid type, without mixing measurement. Water package rate, good consolidation flexibility.

2. Excellent hydrophilicity, can react quickly with water to block large pressure leaks.

3. Strong adhesion with concrete and other materials, can be obtained after mixing high-strength consolidation.

4. Viscosity adjustable, can penetrate small cracks, can stop water quickly plugging.

5. Non-toxic, pollution-free, harmless to the human body, can be used for drinking water projects.

Recommended for use

1. Concrete, masonry structure, such as water, water, leak fast plugging occasions.

2. Tunnels, reservoirs, dams, piers, basements, civil air defense works, water conservancy projects such as long-term water plugging occasions.

3. According to project needs to choose ordinary or flame retardant