Polyurethane Injection Pump

Its mechanical power, can be increased to 4500psi (300kg / cm2) above the working pressure in 3-6 seconds, the liquid water stop agent can effectively perfusion to 0.1mm fine cracks, the construction efficiency of three times faster than the traditional technology Above, the waterproof leak-proof effect is more durable and effective. It is the first choice for construction, underground engineering, water conservancy projects, environmental protection projects, municipal works, subways, tunnels, culverts and culverts. It is the best choice for professional water stoppers.

Folding features

1. Environmental protection: good mechanical properties, no noise, no pollution.

2. Portable: small size, light weight (body weight 10kg), easy to carry, easy to operate.

3. Efficient: Within a few seconds to 0 --- 50Mpa work pressure, advanced technology, save time, effort, high efficiency.

4. Security: reliable technology, reasonable structure, safe to use.

5. Pressure continued: sustained high pressure so that agents can be effective within the concrete structure of micro-gap, micro-slit, microporous, capillary fill plugging.

6. Structure of non-destructive: direct installation of concrete cracks Grouting mouth grouting, do not tick slot, not buried, the structure is non-destructive.

7. With water plugging: a variety of gap leakage, honeycomb leakage, underground water, water can be directly grouted plugging. Slurry can be effectively injected into the depths of cracks.

8 supporting the use of a wide range of materials: Polyurethane, epoxy resin, acrylic resin and other non-particulate low viscosity slurry material can be used.

9. Multi-function: a multi-purpose machine, plugging grouting, consolidation grouting, grouting reinforcement cracks.

10. Durable: the maximum pressure of 50Mpa body parts are not deformed. Easy maintenance, easy maintenance, durable, easy to clean.