Polyurethane Sealant

Polyurethane sealant belongs to MDI-based raw materials, single liquid polyurethane, with the role of water, the rapid expansion of plugging its cracks, to stop the water purposes; also with a low amount of catalyst used in conjunction with the actual construction needs to adjust the foam Speed, in order to achieve the function of stop leaks. SL-668 reacts with water to form a foam, with the function of sealing water and filling the gap

We can often find leaks from tunnels, underpasses and various types of structures. However, we usually see the surface covered with leaking water and will soon have secondary or tertiary water leaks that can not be effectively stopped or blocked Break again leaks. This is a temporary stop leak function, and can not cure. This is because groundwater flowing from the site outside the tunnel or structure flows out through cracks, seams or hives, and water can not stop if it is not blocked at all. Therefore, in recent years, Taiwan has adopted the method of injecting water stoppers and has achieved remarkable results. It is widely accepted by owners in the construction industry and in major industries such as subways, sanitary sewers and MRT systems, and even general construction sites and residential repair .