Polyurethane Waterproof Coating’ Development

Polyurethane coatings ' liquid rubber ' said, is the analysis of performance one of the best waterproof coating, can be used to quick-soak parts of water seepage. In building applications, only at the beginning of polyurethane waterproof coating for roofing and waterproofing in kitchen has been extended to high-speed rail and urban rail transit, bridges and other engineering waterproof.

In the market as a whole, industrial coatings, including automotive paint, Marine coatings, road and rail coatings account for about 70% shares. With the development of transportation and application of polyurethane waterproof coating is also increasing. Among them, the new high-speed rail projects in recent years in our country to boost domestic waterproof coating market also plays an important role.

According to the medium-and long-term railway network plan, in order to meet fast-growing demand for passenger transport, China will establish rapid passenger passage between the provincial capital and major cities, planning "four vertical and four horizontal" channels and three intercity railway passenger transport passenger transport system. By 2020, more than 200 km/h and the speed more than 18,000 km of high-speed railway construction, accounting for more than half the world's total railway mileage.

Construction of high-speed railway for the needs of high performance materials provides a broad space, which also includes waterproof coating in particular needs of high performance polyurethane waterproof coating, high speed rail plan will greatly accelerate development of waterproofing coating market inChina. A case study of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Beijing-Shanghai line 1318 km in length, waterproof project amounted to 2 billion yuan.