Polyurthane Grout

Soil densification or soil stabilization is a process of injecting specialized expanding polyurethane grouts to firm up and strengthen weak and/or shifting soils in order to gain superior strength to eliminate erosion or to allow higher load bearing capacity.

Weak/loose soils & eroding soils around and under structures will eventually undermine a structures’ foundation or worse, allow it to breach and possibly break and separate.Once development begins on weak/loose soils, structural failure is almost certainly inevitable.Upon building a structure, these soils begin to slowly compact against the weight of the structure and sometimes they need help in supporting the newly introduced loads to eliminate settlement.

The technology and methodology of building has changed dramatically over the last 10-20 years. Now, typically, soils are tested prior to construction to determine the density and composition in relation to the support characteristics needed for the proposed structure to be built. Prior to this time frame, testing was not accomplished and we can begin to see the stresses (cracks) in some structures from older construction.