Precipitation Of Urethane Grout When Pouring

Precipitation of Urethane Grout when pouring
Urethane Grout is generally used for the secondary grouting of the equipment foundation, the steel column foundation grouting, the track foundation and other small gap bonding grouting, subway, tunnel, underground engineering reverse construction construction embedded, anchor bolts, concrete beams, Plate, wall reinforcement grouting, ordinary concrete is difficult to pour the irregular dead ends, corners and concrete holes fill irrigation repair, foundation reinforcement grouting and so on.
    High strength non-shrink Urethane Grout with good self-flow, fast hard, early strength, high strength, no shrinkage, micro-expansion; non-toxic, harmless, no aging, water and the surrounding environment pollution, self-consistency, rust and other characteristics The So, high-strength non-shrink Urethane Grout when pouring attention to what? Let's take a look at it!
    1, Urethane Grout before filling, should fill the space to clean the scene, fill the surface of the concrete should be chiseled and fully pre-wet more than 12 hours.
    2, pouring Urethane Grout before the project should be hot, construction conditions and construction conditions in advance design pouring program, including pouring starting point, pouring direction and pouring thickness. Urethane Grout pouring should be carried out in a continuous way of stratification, the gap time shall not exceed 90 minutes, shall not leave the construction joints. Carefully check the location, number and tightness of the steel protective layer pad to improve the thickness of the Urethane Grout protective layer thickness and size accuracy.
    3, high-strength non-shrink Urethane Grout into the mold before pouring, should be measured Urethane Grout temperature, slump, gas content, water ratio and bleeding rate and other work performance, meet the requirements of Urethane Grout before pouring. In the relatively small humidity, wind speed environment pouring Urethane Grout, should take the appropriate party style and other measures to prevent the Urethane Grout dehydration too fast, this time should avoid pouring a larger exposed area of the components. Pouring large volume of Urethane Grout before the anti-cracking measures should be done in advance, such as erection of shelters, preset circulating cooling water system.
    4, high-strength non-shrink Urethane Grout than ordinary Urethane Grout easy to pour, but in order to reduce the possibility of Urethane Grout segregation, it is recommended that the vertical distance of Urethane Grout should not exceed 5cm, when the height of the pouring layer, Tube pouring; starting from the discharge point of the horizontal flow distance should not exceed 10cm. Urethane Grout dump height should not exceed 2cn, when the mixture is more viscous, does not appear stratified segregation, allowing to increase the height of the dumping, but should be limited to 4cm. Should be used chute, string, funnel and other equipment to aid the transport of Urethane Grout to ensure high-strength non-shrink Urethane Grout does not appear layered segregation phenomenon.
    5, in the winter pouring high-strength non-shrink Urethane Grout, should be developed winter construction measures, and to ensure that the Urethane Grout mixture into the mold temperature is greater than 10 ℃. Urethane Grout should not have a paving thickness of more than 600 min (when pumped with Urethane Grout) or 400 mm (when non-pumping polyurethane is used).
Urethane Grout is mainly used for: anchor bolts anchorage, aircraft runway repair, nuclear power equipment fixed, road and bridge engineering reinforcement, machine base, steel structure and foundation Huaikou, equipment based secondary grouting, planting steel, reinforced concrete structure And the alteration of the old concrete structure, the installation of mechanical and electrical equipment, the installation of rail and steel structure, the construction of static pile, the reinforcement of the beam and column, the thickening of the wall structure and the repair of the leakage water leakage. The basic engineering of the collapse of grouting and a variety of repair works.