Primary Treatment Of The Waterproof Membrane

Primary treatment is a kind of in order to enhance the adhesion between the waterproof material and the grassroots level, before the waterproof layer construction, pre-painted on the grassroots paint. Different waterproof materials correspond to different primary treatment agent.

Need to pay attention to prevent hollowing of the membrane waterproof layer: membrane waterproof layer hollowing, mostly due to the membrane waterproof layer of grassroots moisture content is high, leveling layer is not dry, the construction of the membrane waterproof layer, the moisture sealed inside , In case of hot water to muster the waterproof layer; different paving linoleum membrane, the pressure is not tight, paste is not dense, nesting operation of hot air, so that the membrane blistering, hollowing. Construction should pay attention to the grass-roots dry, the operation should be compacted sticky, not to hold the gas, you can prevent the hollowing of the occurrence.