Product Advantages Of Epoxy Mortar

First, the introduction

Epoxy mortar is based on epoxy resin as a main agent and a series of additives such as accelerators. After mixing and curing, it forms a high strength, high adhesion solid body with excellent impermeability. Antifreeze, salt, alkali, weak acid and corrosion resistance and repair and reinforcement properties. The material is mainly used in the most commonly used Wangdi epoxy mortar. Excellent characteristics.

Second, product advantages

1. Stable chemical properties, good corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

2. The consolidated body has high adhesion, high compressive strength and is not limited by structural shape.

3. It has the function of strengthening and strengthening.

4, with impermeability, anti-freeze, salt, alkali, weak acid corrosion resistance, and strong adhesion to a variety of materials.

5. The coefficient of thermal expansion is close to that of concrete, so it is not easy to be detached from these bonded substrates, and the durability is good.