Prospect Of Adhesives For Application In Household Appliances

Adhesive is more widely used as one of the auxiliary materials in the household appliance production, mainly at the mercy of the ever-accelerated development of household appliances and higher requirements for appearance and functions of household appliances. The reasonable applications of adhesives can not only meet the needs of product design, but also play an obvious role in increasing production efficiency and reducing the total cost. The market predicts that the annual demand for reactive engineering adhesives has exceeded 0.1 billion RMB in household appliance industry at present. Besides, the conservative estimation indicates that it will increase by 8%-10% in the next years.

As products applied in bonding and sealing, adhesives are complementary to common mechanical connection methods. With an increasing quality improvement of household appliances in recent years, some high-performance silica gels,anaerobic adhesives, polyurethane and other products are widely used in household appliances. In fact, adhesives are widely applied in household appliance production, and almost in the production process of every household appliance.