PU Injection To Repair Cracks

After PU injection undergoes an expansion process with water, any cracks that are filled in will have a blend of water and the polymer foam type PU grout.

The mixture will then expand until there is no more space to fill, successfully sealing off any pathways the water enter through the material.

Residential Properties

PU injections are a cost efficient method to repair leaks coming into your house, especially water coming in from the exterior. PU can also be injected in to the roof to prevent further roof leak and damage to property and articles.

Industrial Properties

PU injection are also commonly used to repair factory or warehouse flooring, which can be damaged after prolonged and repetitive use of heavy machinery such as forklifts. PU grouting can also be applied in many areas where there is visible leak. It is commonly used in areas such as drainage, piping and ceilings. Similar as its residential applications, you can use it to repair any damage in your properties caused by rain or leaking.