PVC Waterproofing Membrane

Polyester fiber reinforced PVC (PVC) waterproofing membrane is a thermoplastic PVC membrane, the coil is based on polyester fabric as a stiffener, through a special extrusion coating process, so that the double-sided Of polyvinyl chloride plastic layer and the middle of polyester stiffeners combined into one polymer film formed. The advanced PVC plastic layer combined with the reticulated polyester fabric gives the web excellent dimensional stability and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Improve the long-term performance of the coil exposed directly to the natural environment. Construction method: hot air welding, thus ensuring the effect of the weld.


1, PVC waterproofing membrane tensile strength, elongation, thermal dimensional change rate is small.

2, with good weldability, welded seam welding with the base metal into one.

3, has a good diffusion of water vapor, condensate easy to release, leaving the grass-roots moisture, easy to discharge moisture.

4, anti-aging, UV resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to root penetration.

5, low temperature (-20 ℃) has good flexibility.

6, long service life (25-year roof, more than 50 years underground), and no environmental pollution.

7, the color of the surface UV radiation, PVC waterproof membrane surface heat absorption, low temperature.

8, excellent flexibility and extensibility, high tensile strength, excellent dimensional stability, high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, resistance to root permeability, weatherability and UV resistance, anti-hail properties.