PVC Waterstop

PVC waterstops are extrusion made from high grade PVC resin that are plasticized and stabilized to offer long life performance in concrete structures against water leakages. PVC waterstops are hydrophobic in nature and resist water, all types of hazardous liquids and water borne chemicals. The waterstop profiles are designed so that when embedded into the concrete joint, they form a continuous water tight diaphragm to prevent transmission of water through the joint. PVC waterstops have high flexibility and tensile strength to withstand any shear forces laterally or transversely in the joints. 

PVC waterstops are manufactured in different thickness, widths and profile types to suit various joints like contraction, expansion and construction joints. The selection of PVC waterstops is made based on the type and the expected movement of the joint together with the hydrostatic head pressure, the concrete structure is going to be subjected to.