PVC Waterstop Construction Method

Construction method

PVC plastic water-stop construction method and the construction method of rubber water-stop is the same. In the landfill when the interface with the concrete to make it flat, the joint part of the bonding and fastening, buried in the process to fully pound concrete with appropriate force, so that it is well with the concrete, in order to obtain the best water-stop effect .

Construction Notes

Users in the construction process, as there are many sharp corners of the concrete stones and steel, the operation should be taken to avoid mechanical damage to the plastic water stop.

When positioning the plastic water stop, make it fit with the concrete interface formation, can not appear water stop with flip, twist and so on, or should be promptly adjusted. When pouring a fixed water stop, should prevent the water stop from shifting, affecting the water stop effect. Water-stop connector can use adhesive, heat welding and other methods to ensure that the connector firm. Concrete pouring process should pay full attention to pounding, in order to achieve the full combination of water stop and concrete.