PVC Waterstop For The Waterproofing Of Expansion And Construction Joints

PVC waterstop has unrivalled experience of waterproofing all types of expansion and construction joints in reinforced concrete structures. Our continuous research and development also ensures the application of the latest available technologies in waterproofing, especially to modern methods of concrete construction and requirements.

Due to the nature of these materials, concrete and reinforced concrete structures must always be built divided into sections, by forming joints – construction (daywork and isolation) joints and/or expansion (movement) joints. For sealing and waterproofing of the concrete structure, waterstops are installed in all of these necessary joints. The selection of the right waterstop material, its overall waterproofing concept, design and profiles are dependent on the specific structure, its exposure and the construction process. The functions of these waterstops are primarily to act as a waterproofing seal in the joint, plus to allow the two sections to move independently of each other – without restriction (free of tension).

Waterstops are available in different materials and qualities. The anticipated loading, i.e. the water pressure and movement, will determine the selection of the appropriate material, its quality and design. A securely closed solution for all of the expansion and construction joints must be achieved to achieve a watertight structure. Our engineers and technicians will assist you to find the right sealing system solution for your structure.