PVC Waterstops


PVC Waterstops are flexible strips which provide a physical barrier to water at concrete joints, mostly in basements, water retaining structures like water tanks, swimming pools, structural foundations & other below ground level constructions. Waterstops are also termed as water Bars, seals and construction joints. Typical waterstops have two identical halves on both sides of a central bulb. These additional extensions are provided with the aim of increasing path length for water entering behind the edge of waterstop.


Architectural structures-basement, foundation, terraces, retaining walls and buildings,streams, harbors, railways and roads-dams, banks, reclaimed lands, tunnels.

Underpasses, subways, overpasses, platforms.water supply and sewerage-reservoirs, detention ponds, clean water ponds, processing ponds, water channels.

Agricultural irrigation-reservoirs, irrigation project, canals.

Hydro power stations-dams, water conduits, water tunnels, surge tanks, drainage.

Thermal power stations – water intakes and drainages, water tank buildings.

Special Properties

Perfect water-tightness secured: the surface extends the special wavy inclination, embeds with concrete, and hence guarantees perfect water-tightness.

Various designs: different designs are offered to suit different type of concrete structures & requirements. This ensures the perfect ready solutions to the critical applications also.

Excellent material: compounded of special treated plastics,PVC water stopper is non-corrosive, rust-proof, durable and resilient in nature. Long buried in concrete, it will not be eroded by acid, alkali and metallic salt.

Light weight: PVC is lighter than other materials and hence offers ease of handling and erection.

Easy welding: It may be cut with a snap-off cutter and welded with soft welding rod of same quality and an ordinary welding gun. Its effect on stopping water during the implementation is excellent and no other materials can compete.