PVC Waterstops

Water stops are flexible plastic strips which provide a physical barrier to water at concrete joints, mostly in basements,water retaining structures like water tanks,swimming pools,structural foundations & other below ground level constructions. Waterstops are also termed as water bars, seals construction joints. A typical waterstops have two identical half on both side of a central bulb. These additional extensions are provided with the aim of increasing path length for water entering behind the edge of water stop.

Compounding of Waterstops

Waterstops are manufactured from anti-ageing customized plastic compound with PVC as a base polymer and exhibiting required properties like high elasticity & tensile strength, immune to corrosion, excellent weather resistant, unaffected by acids, alkalis, metals salts and other chemicals, lower water absorption,withstand high hydrostatic pressure, can bear shocks of heavy turbines, earth quakes, floods.

Application in construction Industry

PVC waterstops act as sealant at RCC masonry concrete joints & prevent any seepage of water in or out through joints.

PVC water stoppers withstand expansion or contraction movement at joints and take care of any deflection or displacement arising due to change in temperature, differential settlement of foundation, Geo disturbances causing seismic forces like earth quack, thus eliminating danger of cracks.