PVC Waterstops

Centrally and externally placed,PVC waterstop profiles for use in cast in-situconcrete


The PVC waterstops are extruded from a high grade PVC compound which has been formulated to give excellent flexibility and longevity characteristics. They are available as straight lengths and factory produced intersections or as a factory prefabricated segment of a network to minimise site jointing.


The Supercast range of PVC waterstops is designed to provide

an integral sealing system for movement and construction joints

in concrete cast in-situ. These joints typically occur in the

following types of structure:

Water retaining

Reservoirs, water towers and sewage tanks

Dams, culverts, canals and spillways

Swimming pools

Bunded areas surrounding liquid retaining tanks

Water excluding

Basements and underground car parks

Tunnels and subways

Abutments and retaining walls

Roof decks and podium areas


Range of profiles to suit every need

Fully continuous 4 bulbed network

Eyeletted edge flanges for positive fixing

Simple on-site jointing

Full range of moulded and fabricated intersection pieces