Rubber Water Stop And Bentonite Waterstop

Rubber Water Stop and Bentonite Waterstop

Product Introduction 

Reinforced concrete floor wall of the template bolt holes and construction joints, is the main hidden parts of the building leaks, multi-BW stop with water for processing. PN (BW) is a new type of building waterproof material with self-adhesive properties synthesized by polymer and inorganic absorbent material and rubber and auxiliary agent. Water can absorb water volume expansion, squeeze the gap between the old and new concrete, the formation of impermeable plastic colloid. The product was accredited at the ministerial level in Beijing in June 1988 and won the 1991 Science and Technology Achievement Award and issued a certificate as a nationally recognized qualified product. The product to solve the gap in the construction of concrete leakage to create a new path to fill the gaps in China's waterproof. Product quality has reached the world leading level.

Product performance

The product is gray and gray putty colloid, with good weather resistance, anti-aging, anti-seepage leakage, corrosion resistance, easy operation, low cost.

The main purpose

PN (BW) water stop is a kind of underground and building construction, water conservancy projects, traffic tunnel engineering, power plant cooling towers, municipal water supply and drainage and other reinforced concrete construction joints seepage and leakage of a new, the most ideal material, thoroughly To solve the rubber and steel plate with water friction easy to produce around the problem.

The characteristics of the product

This product has the effect of flooding, "water to stop the water" effect; with the slow expansion rate, soaking 186h its expansion rate ≤ 50% of the maximum expansion rate; this product installation and construction is convenient, low prices, and non-toxic pollution When the immersion in the absence of dissolved material precipitation; compared with other hydrophilic expansion of the largest water stop is its hydrophilic expansion of the long-term repeated expansion is still not lost.

Quality Standard

A. Water swelling rubber surface should be clean and flat, no scratches, bubbles and other impurities, the edge of neat. B. Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥3.5c. Elongation at break (%) ≥350 e. Hardness (Shore A) 40 ± 3f. Static water expansion rate% ≥200g.

Installation of construction recommendations

On the installation of water should be installed:

1, in the installation of the reservation type of paste, in the first pouring concrete to be reserved in the upper water strip storage slot (can be fixed in the template nail wood). After removing the concrete template, remove the surface, so that the seam surface without water, clean, no debris.

2, the water will be embedded in the reserved slot. If you do not reserve the slot, the vertical seam can be added with the adhesive length of the paste, or with cement nails plus wood fixed water seal; the horizontal seam can be directly attached to the concrete surface. Stones should be poured as soon as possible after pouring concrete. In the installation and paste process, should be protected against water swelling water and contaminated by the role of expansion, so as not to affect the use of results.

3, the product is placed in the concrete construction joints, after the joints of the joints, the second pouring concrete (that is, when the concrete wrapped in the state) can be completely blocked water swelling, blocking the leakage of water. Expansion rate is high, mobile complementarity strong. Placed in the construction of the seam, after the pouring of the water strip has a strong balance of self-healing function, can be closed due to settlement and the emergence of new tiny cracks.

4, for the completion of the project, if the gap leakage of water, the seal can be used to re-plug the water. Waterproof, impermeable effect is better than the traditional steel, rubber and plastic water stop, and the construction method is simple and easy to save time and labor. The main material is inorganic mineral raw materials, with anti-aging, anti-corrosion, non-polluting and other characteristics.