Rubber Waterstop

Rubber water-stop and water-proof rubber is made of natural rubber and all kinds of synthetic rubber as the main raw material, various additives and fillers mixed, plasticized, mixed, , Mountain, P, U, Z, B, T, H, E, Q and so on.

According to the use can be classified as buried rubber water stop and back rubber seal. The water stop material has good elasticity, abrasion resistance, aging resistance and tear resistance, has strong adaptability to deformation, good waterproof property, and the temperature is used in the range of -45 ° C. to + 60 ° C. When the temperature exceeds 70 ° C., and Rubber water stop by a strong oxidation or by oil and other organic solvents erosion, are not allowed to use rubber water stop. Generally used in the construction of the basement wall and after pouring zone.