SBS Waterproofing Membrane

SBS waterproofing membrane combined with ingenious mixing SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) modified asphalt waterproofing and high quality reinforced carrier.

SBS waterproofing membrane is a styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS)

Thermoplastic elastomer as a modifier of asphalt impregnation and coating material, the upper surface covered with polyethylene film, fine sand, mineral tablets (tablets) material or aluminum foil, copper foil and other insulation materials can be made of curly sheet waterproof materials.

The scope of application SBS waterproofing membrane

1.Polyester felt-based elastomer modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is suitable for roofing and underground waterproofing of industrial and civil buildings.

2. Glass fiber reinforced polyester felt bitumen roll suitable for mechanical fixed single waterproof, but subject to wind load test.

3. Glass fiber mat base roll for structural stability of the general roof and underground waterproofing works;

4. Exposed to use the upper surface of the insulation material is opaque mineral particles waterproofing membrane.

5. Underground waterproofing should use surface isolation material for the fine sand waterproofing membrane.