Sealant Features

Sealant features:


Sealant is a flow or squeeze unshaped material to fill a closed joint that can rely on embedded dryness, temperature changes, solvent volatilization, chemical stability of cross-linked materials and bonds, and gradually the solid glue, viscoelastic behavior Or elastic sealing material. In order to ensure the sealing function, the sealant should have the following basic features:


1, good embedding, squeeze construction, storage stability, non-toxic or low toxicity; liquid, gas;


2, low penetration with other media


3, to resist the telescopic movement, displacement and deformation of the joints; by cyclic deformation of the joints;


4, to ensure the full recovery of its performance and shape;


5, have enough strength to withstand the pressure;


6, not stripping, joint base degumming adhesive stability;


7, do not over-soften at high temperature, low temperature is not brittle;


8, weatherability, not powder, cracking, dissolution or excessive shrinkage, have enough life;


9, specific occasions, such as when there is a specific performance wear resistance, puncture resistance, corrosion resistance, rolling resistance, flammable, non-polluting, insulating or conductive.