Several Grout Methods For Grout

Several Grout Methods for Grout
Construction process is not complicated, but in order to facilitate the better to improve the quality of construction, or Grout construction process to do the following:
Grout Grout Grout without shrinkage Grout Grout factory
1, prepare mixing equipment, Grout equipment, templates and maintenance items, clean up the Grout space and wet the concrete appearance 24 hours ahead of time.
2, supporting the template and cement (sand) pulp, plastic tape plug the template to ensure that the connection does not leak, leak pulp.
3, according to the amount of 12-15% of the amount of water plus water mixing (mechanical mixing 2-3 minutes, artificial mixing more than 5 minutes)
4, will be evenly Grout from one direction into the Grout area. If necessary, with bamboo or steel brazing diversion, may be appropriate to pound or gently beat the template.
5, after the construction should be immediately covered plastic film and covered with straw or cotton damp maintenance 3-7 days.
6, the use of temperature -10 ℃ to 40 ℃. It is strictly forbidden to incorporate any admixture or admixture in grout.
Grout the use of a lot more, mainly in the use of industry, in the Grout construction process, which talked about some of the details, if the maintenance time, the use of temperature, which should control, so as not to affect the use of the role.
At present, the international general Grout is used in mechanical equipment and reinforcement repair works. 70 years of reform and opening up, in order to meet the needs of imported equipment, China began the research and development of Grout, and successfully developed in 1977, began in the metallurgical equipment used in large quantities. Through more than 20 years of research, practice, China's Grout skills gradually improve the function of its skills have reached the international level. In the use of Grout, has been from the traditional for the mechanical equipment installation of the secondary Grout to the concrete structure for the reinforcement of the repair, and get a good effect.
Grout the main skills of the target on the structural reinforcement repair works, due to its particularity, often require reinforcement and repair role, fast construction and easy to construction and other characteristics. Therefore, the request on the Grout is the target of its activity, expansion rate, early and final strength, and setting time.
1.1 activity
There are three ways to represent the function of material activity, namely, activity method, funnel method and slump method. (8 ± 2) s; the slump limit of the slump method is ≥25cm. At present, the active degree method is used to check the Grout method in China. The limit value of the slump method is ≥240mm. Activity function. In order to meet the requirements of the self-activity of the Grout construction, the activity of the Grout is necessary to be greater than 240mm. The activity of the foreign Grout is the minimum of 240mm. If there is no necessary function, the small space is not filled, Filling the role, even if the other functions and then high, the Grout works also does not make sense. Therefore, the activity of Grout is the primary condition for evaluating the quality of Grout.
The activity of Grout increases with increasing water (water / dry weight). However, the increase in water rate over the General Assembly will show bleeding and reduce the compressive strength. The adjustable range of Grout should be within 1%.
The activity of Grout decreases with increasing parking time. So in the Grout construction, the pouring of the mixture to be kept with bamboo split reciprocating pull to maintain its activities.