Silicone Two-component Polysulfide Sealant

silicone two-component polysulfide sealant

Polysulfide sealant polysulfide sealant is a liquid polysulfide rubber as the main material, with a tackifier resin, curing agent, accelerator, reinforcing agent made of sealant. These sealants have excellent resistance to fuels, hydraulic oils, water and various chemicals as well as heat and weather resistance.

Polysulfide sealant


1, these sealants have excellent resistance to fuel oil, hydraulic oil, water and various chemical properties as well as heat and atmospheric aging resistance.

2, with good flexibility, low temperature Rao Qu and electrical insulation.

3, for most materials have good adhesion.


Generally curable type. According to the components can be divided into two components (or three components) and one-component type. Its processing using premix - grinding - filling process. Polysulfide sealant is widely used in civil engineering, automotive manufacturing and other industries as caulking, sealing materials, but also commonly used in various types of fuel tanks, fuel tanks, aviation machinery, composite glass seal.


Polysulfide sealant is suitable for waterproof sealing of insulating glass, metal, concrete curtain wall joints, underground works (such as tunnels and culverts), reservoirs and reservoirs, as well as telescopic seals for expansion joints such as highway pavement and runway. Repair cracks in the building to restore the seal.