Single Component Hydrophilic Polyurethane Grout

Single component hydrophilic polyurethane grout reacts when it comes in contact with water and forms a flexible polyurethane seal.

This product can be enhanced with the addition of a polymer based reinforcing agent, to give enhanced resilience.


Potable water certified

High tensile adhesion

Solvent-free, environmentally safe.

Excellent adhesion to most surfaces including concrete, brick and mortar.

Resistant to most organic solvents, mild acids and alkalis.

Rapidly forms a highly resilient flexible seal that allows movement to the crack, fracture or joint.

Reacts even with seawater or mineral water.


Hydrophilic polyurethane grout is a hydrophilic polyurethane prepolymer liquid for hydrophilic polymer resin type water stopping.

It can be injected directly into a leaking crack, fracture or joint。

After injection has taken place, the hydrophilic polyurethane grout will foam to expand and fill the void, forming a tight, impermeable elastomeric seal, stopping the water flow.