Single Component Water-based Polyurethane Grout

Single Component Water-based Polyurethane Grout

Single Component water-based polyurethane injection slurry, and water, the rapid expansion of solidification clogging its cracks, to achieve the purpose of water; can also be used in conjunction with low-volume catalyst, according to the actual construction needs to adjust the reaction speed, in order to achieve the perfect waterproof only The effect of leakage.

Product Features

● low viscosity and rapid contact with water from the chemical reaction and expansion of solidification.

● high expansion rate, superstructure elastic colloid reinforcement, good toughness, low shrinkage characteristics.

● Excellent adhesion to substrate and good resistance to chemical resistance.

● Areas that are in contact with drinking water can also be used.

● Suitable for single-type high-pressure perfusion machine and other equipment.

Application Scope

● fill the tunnel, subway, dam, basement, brick, etc., concrete components on the dry and wet cracks, the actual building all the contact surface.

● Fissure grouting with hydraulic groundwater flow can be used with low-volume catalyst. After 2 minutes of contact with water, it is completely expanded and solidified to form structural elastic colloid.

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