Solutions For Stabilizing Soils

Fundamental to healthy concrete is a solid substrate. Well-compacted soils provide a foundation upon which concrete structures perform. Over time, forces of nature take their toll. Decomposing soils, erosion, freeze-thaw cycles and groundwater migration can break down this foundation. This is the root cause for the damage or failure of many structures, from buildings to highways.

Injecting polyurethane resins and gels into loose or less dense soils, voids, pores and fissures will strengthen the earthen substrate and provide watertight encapsulation. Our company has been providing soil stabilization solutions for more than 20 years with our polyurethane foams and gels. The techniques and products used depend on what you are trying to accomplish, the type of substrate you are working with and what type of equipment you have available.

Typical structures around or under which soil stabilization may be required include:

Roadways,highways                                              Tunnels

Storm sewer pipes                                                  Bridges

Catch basins                                                            Seawalls

Airport runways                                                        Dams

Driveways                                                                  Patios,walkways

Foundations                                                              Pools

Porches                                                                     Tanks

Railroad tracks                                                         Elevator pits

There are many benefits of using chemical grouts vs substrate replacement or excavation repair:


Less disruption

Less expensive

Less environmental impact