Structural Repair Works

Our company has been providing maintenance and repair solutions to various clients in the market.

It is common for structures to depreciate and worsen over time, and that gives rise to many structural problems such as cracking,water leakages,and structural breakdown.Thus,it is important to ensure that the structure’s integrity is maintained so that occupants or residents will not be affected.

Our team of structural repair contractors ensure that structures are brought back to their original intended state. Today, we are highly reputable in our structural repair works as we have undertaken many structural repair projects in China– be it in small establishments or even big projects. Our team is more than happy to assist you if you need any form of structural repair; be it a simple renovation or even a more elaborate reinstatement project.

We do a wide range of structural repairs

1. General building reinstatement works

2. Epoxy injection to leaks or cracks

3. Crack repairs

4. PU pressure grouting services

5. Protective coating application

6. Structural waterproofing

7. Drainage repair and reinstatement

8.Water tank lining & sewerage pipe lining

9. Water pond reinstatement

10. Water pond floating cove