Superfine Cement Grouting Material

Superfine cement grouting material is a new generation of inorganic rigid ultra-fine grouting material made of high-strength ultra-fine cement, swelling agent, slag and other additives, refined by special equipment.

product advantages

1, non-toxic, odorless, no pollution to groundwater and the environment, is an environmentally friendly grouting material.

2. When the slurry is cured, there is no shrinkage phenomenon, high stone strength, good durability, no aging, and good impermeability.

3, the slurry fluidity is good, the specific surface area of the material is more than 800m2/kg, the average particle size is less than 5μm, so its stability and high irrigation ability.

4. Slurry solidification time: It can be adjusted according to engineering needs.

5, the slurry construction process is simple, easy to operate, can be used on a large scale.