Superfine Cement Is High Performance Grouting Material

Superfine cement is a high performance superfine cement-based grouting material, which has similar permeability and potability with organic chemical grouting, has higher strength and durability, and is environmentally friendly and has no pollution to the surrounding environment.


1, high efficiency and reliability

It is composed of ultrafine cement and other inorganic ultrafine particles composed of high-performance grouting material, it has good permeability and can be filled, with organic chemical grouting higher strength and durability, there is no aging phenomenon. And thus can be applied to a variety of soil environment of the foundation reinforcement treatment, sand layer curing treatment, a variety of complex foundation reinforcement treatment, a variety of complex structural grouting treatment, such as tunnels, subways, dams, highways, piers, , Large equipment base ... ... and so on.

2, safe and non-polluting

It is composed of non-toxic and harmless inorganic materials. Its chemical composition determines its pollution to the surrounding environment such as water, soil, air and so on. Compared with other grouting materials, it has higher safety and belongs to green environment-friendly building materials.

3, the higher the economy

Easy to operate, easy to operate, and cheaper than the organic chemical grouting, grouting will not be aging, with good durability, can be applied to any kind of grouting equipment, can be used as any grouting method for grouting construction, which has more High economy.

Product Usage

Applicable to all kinds of building foundation reinforcement works, structural repair reinforcement works, waterproof plugging grouting works, equipment foundation reinforcement works. Especially for the subtle space grouting, curing strength requires a higher grouting reinforcement treatment to better reflect its excellent performance.

1. Deep foundation engineering to block groundwater flow;

2. Reinforcement of dam foundation and filling of cracks in dam body;

3. Grouting reinforcement or repair of subway or tunnel wall;

4. Foundation reinforcement of large or high-rise buildings;

5. Grouting reinforcement of road foundation;

6. Pool, basement waterproof plugging grouting;

7. Excavation of subways, tunnels, mines and other underground works when the underground soil filled with curing treatment to reduce the difficulty of excavation, speed up the work and improve work efficiency;

8. Sand layer curing treatment.

9. Secondary grouting of anchor bolts and stands for large equipment;

10. planting bars.

Construction method

1. Adjust the appropriate water-cement ratio, stir with an electric disperser until it becomes a homogeneous slurry, and then pour the slurry into the grout.

2. The grouting pipe nozzle and the mouth fixed in advance on the basis of the grouting mouth docking fixed, connected to the grouting power, open the valve for grouting, pay attention to control the grouting pressure in a certain range. (Usually in the range of 0.1 to 0.5 MPa). Different basic conditions, different water-cement ratio, the required grouting pressure is different. Grouting pressure is too large, may form a split grouting, resulting in uniform penetration. Grouting pressure is too small, may Can not penetrate into subtle space.)

3. Closed grouting holes after grouting.

4. When the grouting area is large, the use of sub-grouting