Swell Sealant Introduction And Characteristics

1, product introduction

The material is water-based dispersion medium polymer, soluble in water will not increase the viscosity of water, with the help of pressure in the grouting equipment, can quickly penetrate into all the water can penetrate the gap, the instantaneous curing reaction occurs, Forming a 100% impervious colloid that is acid, alkali resistant, corrosion resistant and highly flexible. It is in close contact with the concrete mortar and further fills all seepage gaps to treat water with water. To achieve the best results plugging.

2, product features

1, when curing can absorb the leak of water, very suitable for water plugging.

2, self-curing without external materials, and curing time can be adjusted according to the situation, the curing time can be controlled between 3s ~ 60s, slow curing can be more than 10 minutes, depending on the circumstances can be flexibly applied.

3, after curing with high flexibility, effective solution to the problem of structural expansion and contraction.

4, after curing is completed, there will be 10% water swelling. Solve the second rebound problem.

5, because it has no consistency; the same concentration of water, it can penetrate all the water can penetrate the gap, grouting equipment under the pressure of the infiltration range up to 3 meters. To make up for the traditional grouting fluid viscosity, can not penetrate into the tiny gaps defects, it does not require too dense nails.

6, for most of the acid-base has good chemical resistance, free from biological damage.

3, with the water ratio

1, Group A is a big bag, Group B is a small bag, and the material needs to be prepared before glue injection.

2, with the water ratio: The 4.5 kg of raw materials (A, B components) were poured into two barrels, A component to be 18 kg of water, B component to be 20 kg of water, stirring with water, such as completely melted Rear use.