The Choice Of Metal Roofing Waterproof Material

Metal roof steel structure factory building layout is the top of the building layout, which is the most easy to attack disease (roof leaks, rust corrosion damage of bad, etc.), but also problems of people's concern. Current for the metal roofing  waterproof bare, anti-corrosion insulation is focused on. Construction industry professionals know that form the roof water seepage are the elements of the appropriate clutter and wind blowing rain sun roof waterproof bare in addition to the  disadvantages of current architectural layout itself, also have external force imbalance layout of damage effect on metals. Once the present construction failed to composite roof layout, also can form the disease-resistant ability weakened; Especially some of the local rainy season, the rain water is relatively large, if the metal roofing long time erosion by rain and results will often cause leakage diseases, then make living house or factory use fixed number of year were serious damaged, to this end, we will promptly to the roof on a full maintenance of roofing waterproof bare.

Construction if met no insulation roofing, must after insulation boring talents for construction of the waterproof layer, or it will cause empty drum on the waterproof layer, serious influence the use fixed number of year of the waterproof layer. Because  of the thermal insulation layer with a layer of cement mortar screed-coat, thus it is difficult to visually check before construction to the degree of thermal insulation layer of the boring. In this case, the most construction personnel often with experience and feeling in insulation layer of dry wet degree, this approach is not desirable, play to the effect of construction is not very well.

In fact, the thermal insulation layer in the boring process influenced by environmental temperature, humidity, moisture bibulous rate of material and construction elements such as impact is very big, so just the experience and construction time length is completely don't have to.

At present, in the market to present new roofing waterproof bare there were many kinds of materials, and formed different high, medium and low level of classification, the waterproof materials with different properties separation and the use of their  size. When choose waterproof material, we should be based on the structure of the level, nature, function and layout etc. Characteristics and environmental conditions in the region to select suitable waterproof material, if good acrylic waterproof coating, applicable to metal roofing waterproof, concrete roofing waterproof, pool and underground waterproof engineering, good resistance to corrosion and resistance to ultraviolet radiation aging performance.

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